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e2 Young engineers Perth, Greater Metro

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Welcome to e² Young Engineers Perth, Greater Metro!

Welcome to e² Young Engineers Perth, Greater Metro! We are extremely excited to offer e² Young Engineers® programs to the Greater Metro Perth  area and beyond! e² Young Engineers® programs include after-school enrichment classes, pre-school classes, summer camps, birthday parties and special events where children are given an opportunity to LEARN while having FUN building with the world’s favorite building block – LEGO®! Our programs utilize an EDUTAINMENT (education + entertainment) approach, transforming the learning process into a game while introducing children to theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Life Skills and Mathematics (STEALM).

e² Young Engineers started in Perth in 2015 covering mostly south suburbs of Perth. Over the past year we have had hundreds of calls and request from other suburbs, so e² Young Engineers Greater Metro Perth started in the above areas since July 2016. Over the past few days, we have had hundreds of calls from parents and guardians inquiring about our programmes. We work with many schools and several centres throughout the area to provide our children an opportunity to experience these wonderful programs firsthand. We invite you to explore our website and learn more about what makes e² Young Engineers® programs the best enrichment program you could provide your young loved ones.

Our Vision: To empower our learners with the right tools, skills and attitude to see different future for themselves and believe that their dreams will come true. 

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