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Do You Want to Become

Suitable for Primary School: 1st – 5th Grade

Lesson duration: 75 minutes

Suitable for: 4th-6th grade or graduates of
one of the Young Engineers mechanical engineering programs
Lesson duration: 90 minutes

Can't see your school?

 Summer Holiday Workshops

OSH ClubWorkshops are back in this coming school holiday. Inquire at their website.

We have 4 workshops at Joondalup Library on 18th and 20th December:

Joondalup Holiday Workshop

We have 2 workshops at Morley YMCA on 17th  December:

Morley Holiday Workshop

We have 1 workshop at East Victoria Park Leisurelife Centre on 19th  December:

East Victoria Holiday Workshop


Enrollment 2019-Term 1

We are updating the registration links. Please visit again if the link is not provided.

The rest of schools will be added soon


 Young Engineers BricksChallenge After School Club fee is $160.

Young Engineers Galileo Technic  After School Club fee is $160.

Young Engineers RoboBricks After School Club fee is $160.


Please contact us to register your interest for any of the below:

  1. LEGO day – Lego Birthday
  2. LEGO camps
  3. Senior Citizens and Adults activity