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Do You Want to Become

Suitable for Primary School: 1st – 5th Grade

Lesson duration: 75 minutes

Suitable for: 4th-6th grade or graduates of
one of the Young Engineers mechanical engineering programs
Lesson duration: 90 minutes

Can't see your school?

April School Holiday

Partnership with OSHClub, ZigZag and Smith Family is continuing. Follow their program to enrol for Young Engineers workshop.

We are also adding some 3 sessions clubs as below:

Enrollment 2020-Term 1

We are updating the registration links. Please visit again if the link is not provided.


 Young Engineers BricksChallenge After School Club fee is $180.

Young Engineers Galileo Technic  After School Club fee is $180.

Young Engineers RoboBricks After School Club fee is $180.


Please contact us to register your interest for any of the below:

  1. LEGO day – Lego Birthday
  2. LEGO camps
  3. Senior Citizens and Adults activity